Nutrition Handbook Updated

Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook

Carolyn provides useful information for cancer patients and their families in The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook.

"This book explains the three stages in a cycle of nutrition and cancer, offering important tips and tasty and appropriate recipes for each stage. I have arranged the information to assist those newly diagnosed as well as those who have been battling cancer for a while. My wish is that this book and the recipes can assist you and your family in making your journey a little easier."

by Carolyn Katzin, MS, CNS


Cancer Nutrition Handbook

The following topics are based on material I used to create the Nutrition Handbook for The Wellness Community and can also be found in my latest book.

  • Nutrition and Cancer - Guidelines
    Suggestions for minimizing risk of cancer including detailed suggestions for those in remission

  • Stages of Cancer Nutrition
    An overview of prevention, expedient diet and regeneration stages

  • Nutrition During Cancer Treatment
    Including special guidelines for chemotherapy and radiation therapy; preparing for treatment; during treatment and survivorship. Oral health during treatment. Nutrition and chemotherapy and immunotherapy

  • Dealing With Side Effects During Treatment
    Common eating/digestion problems during cancer treatment Skin health during treatment. Some drug specific nutrition advice. Some supplements and helpful foods.

  • Nutrition and Immunity
    Some suggestions for boosting immunity: the "immuno-soup" and other ideas for supporting healthy immune functioning

Carolyn's Books (and e-books)

Nutrition Center Handbook

The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook

Please refer to the NEW edition of Nutrition Handbook for details about how to optimize your diet and delicious recipes to assist you with your meal plans. Specific drug-nutrient recommendations. All recipes include nutritional analyses and time to prepare. Meal plans also provided as well as foods to select at different stages of your journey. This book makes a wonderful gift.

Six Week Online Diet System

The EVERYTHING Cancer Fighting Cookbook

This is Carolyn's newest book including all new recipes. Written in a simple and very approachable manner this book is a wonderful complement to the handbook.

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